Are RFID Blocking Cards Worth It?

Here's Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Identity Safe!

The recent pandemic has given a substantial increase to all things "touchless" so it's no surprise that more and more retailers are beginning to accept "contactless" payments.

In fact, contactless credit card payments now account for over half of transactions in Australia and it's quickly becoming a customer go-to in the U.S., as new cards are rolled out amongst credit and banking card companies.

And while there are many great perks to contactless payments, unfortunately, there are also many concerns surrounding credit cards with RFID technology.

Today’s criminals don’t even need to touch you to steal your credit and debit card information. Theives and pickpocketers only need to walk close to you with an RFID scanner, in order to steal your hard-earned finances and personal information.

A recent study found that a skilled RFID thief could gather card details from 50 cards just by walking through a busy street or shopping center.

Many suggest using an RFID-blocking card or sleeve to prevent you from becoming a victim of credit card fraud and identity theft, but like most shoppers, you may be asking yourself if these really work.

Our answer is YES!

What Is RFID?

RFID is an acronym that stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID technology is embedded in many of today's credit cards, debit cards, passports, and smart ID cards. Microchips allow this RFID technology to work at short ranges — typically a few inches.

Essentially, RFID technology is what enables each of us to use the handy 'tap-and-pay' feature on payment processing machines when shopping at our favorite retailers and restaurants. If your credit or debit card has a sideways Wi-Fi symbol, this means your card is enabled with RFID technology.

RFID-Blocking Cards vs. RFID-Blocking Sleeves

After testing the effectiveness of both RFID-blocking cards and sleeves, we found that cards are the superior option. RFID-blocking cards actively jam scanning devices and are much more reliable than RFID-blocking sleeves.

The active technology on the RFID blocking card is more secure than an RFID sleeve and does a better job protecting your information. Plus, using a card over a sleeve means you never have to awkwardly fumble at the register in order to get your payment cards out of tight sleeve holders.

Additionally, if a scanner gets temporarily jammed, it could potentially slow a skimmer down and prevent other people’s information from being stolen as well.

About RFID-Blocking Cards

An RFID-blocking card is a small card, usually the same size as a credit card, that can be slipped into your wallet next to your RFID-enabled cards to prevent your information from being stolen.

Using an RFID-blocking card is super easy. For example, when using our favorite RFID-blocking card, Wallet Defender, all you have to do is slide it into your wallet's outermost credit card sleeve, and voila! Your credit and ID cards are protected by Wallet Defender's award-winning RFID-blocking technology, essentially making your wallet invisible to pesky thieves looking to steal your private information.


What to Look For in an RFID-Blocking Card

There are a number of factors to look at when choosing the right card for your lifestyle. An effective RFID-blocking card should: 

  • Actively send out a signal to jam skimming devices
  • Be thin and roughly the same size as a standard credit card as it should fit into your wallet credit card sleeves without damaging them
  • Be sold by a trusted manufacturer, so you know the card actually does what it says on the label (beware of fake RFID-blocking cards!)
  • Work without the use of a battery so that you can easily use it anywhere, at any time
  • Work against both RFID and NFC signals

The Best RFID-Blocking Card Available:

Wallet Defender is a slim, minimalist-style RFID-blocking card that easily fits into any wallet of your choice alongside your RFID-enabled credit card or ID card.

Our favorite RFID-blocking card uses sophisticated, award-winning technology to protect you from identity theft and fraud, by effectively jamming and scrambling any attempts at reading your cards' RFID or NFC signals.

Wallet Defender does not require batteries to work, and it ensures card readers can’t get your information unless you choose to take the blocker away. With Wallet Defender, your card is only used when you actively take it out and choose to use it.


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