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Wallet Defender Protects You From Credit Card Theft And Information Leakage

9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year...

By: Patricia Graham

It can happen to anyone.

You can be standing in line for your coffee, reading a book in the library, even sitting on a park bench. Within seconds, and without you even knowing it, someone can steal your identity and banking information!

They don’t have to touch you. They don’t even have to get close to you. According to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), your sensitive personal information can be stolen from as far as 30 feet away from you!

That's right! Pesky thieves only have to get close enough to you to use specially designed scanners that scan your credit cards, giving these criminals access to your bank accounts and hard-earned savings.

Imagine criminals gaining complete access to your credit and debit cards, banking information – even your driver’s license and passport! And they can start ordering things online or draining your bank account without you even knowing it!

It contains all your personal information – and it exposes you to potential theft every time you go out in public!

BE AWARE! Your cards may feature an RFID chip for contactless payments or entering sensitive areas like hotel rooms or offices.

Wallet Defender BLOCKS RFID readers, stopping thieves from stealing your money or identity! It’s the protection you need in this dangerous new era of cybertheft!

Thankfully, there’s an amazing new card with state-of-the-art RFID-blocking technology that stops identity thieves in their tracks!

It’s called Wallet Defender, and it’s made from patented RFID-blocking materials to keep your personal info away from the prying eyes of criminals.

It’s the best way to stop yourself from becoming the next victim of cybercrime!

Who Can Use It?

Wallet Defender was designed to easily fit any wallet, purse, or cardholder.

That means no need to ditch your favorite handbag, briefcase, or money clip - Wallet Defender works with them all. And since it requires no setup, anyone can use it!

Built for Security and Convenience

Wallet Defender

Award-Winning Technology

Sophisticated, award winning RFID blocking technology protects you from identity theft and fraud by effectively jamming and scrambling any attempts at reading your cards' RFID signals.

Ultra Thin Design

Wallet Defender is the credit card-sized protector that's the perfect companion for any wallet or passport holder without causing damage.

No Batteries Required

It's the card that lasts forever! Wallet Defender is extremely energy efficient and does not need charging or additional batteries to operate.

Ultimate Security for Your Wallet

Wallet Defender protects your RFID enabled credit cards, debit cards, passports and other smart ID cards from sneaky thieves using RFID scanning devices.

Safety. Style. Convenience. Wallet Defender's Got it All!

Wallet Defender can do it all a thousand times better.

Order your Wallet Defender today, or get a few as gifts. It’s a great way to show people you care by protecting them from identity fraud.

And if you order now, you can buy 3 Wallet Defender RFID-blocking cards and get 2 FREE!

Get yours now while supplies last, and get this amazing DISCOUNT

Wallet Defender is the RFID-blocking card for the new millennium!

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