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Wallet Defender is the smart anti-theft card designed to shield your payment and smart I.D. cards, protecting you from identity theft and fraud.

  • Advanced Security for Your RFID-Enabled Cards
  • No Batteries Required, Zero Tech Needed
  • Easily Fits Inside Any Wallet or Passport Holder
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Others are cheaper but not as effective. I am a VERY happy - and protected - consumer. - Mark B.

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Why Our Customers Love Wallet Defender

Thousands of happy customers

★★★★★  George M.

Verified Customer

I tried this RFID blocker on my hotel room key and it absolutely blocked the door from reading my card! I keep one in my wallet and gave the rest to a few friends.

★★★★★  Sammy R.

Verified Customer

It is almost the size of a bank card so easy to slip in, Excellent and sturdy fitting in well with cards in the wallet or purse. Prompt service and does what it says.

★★★★★  Deb C.

Verified Customer

After having my identity stolen by a scammer that had a card reader/scanner on there person, I would highly recommend this. I travel a lot and protecting my credit cards is everything.

★★★★★  Jill B.

Verified Customer

Great product that performs exactly the way it was made to do. Fits easily in my wallet slots. I’ve bought these for myself and plan to give as gifts to family and friends this year.

★★★★★  Jordan J.

Verified Customer

It works perfectly. I've tested both of the cards and they sure can block NFC payments. I placed the RFID card under my credit card and it was effective.

★★★★★  Amy F.

Verified Customer

These cards really work. I tried to use my debit card and the card blocked my transaction. I tried the second time and no problem.

★★★★★  Rachel L.

Verified Customer

Love this concept- easy to use and forget about. Placed in front and back of passport sized wallet. Does what it advertises.

★★★★★  Lawrence G.

Verified Customer

You need extra added security against the scammers and fraudsters out here in the world and this is the perfect protection for your credit, and debit cards also your drivers license.

★★★★★  Ashton M.

Verified Customer

Easy to use and effective. I tested the cards at gas stations and various restaurants with success. Most effective using two cards at the same time, of course.

No more wrapping your credit cards in tin foil or fiddling with pesky sleeves!


Wallet Defender is a smart anti-theft card designed to shield your payment and smart I.D. cards, protecting you from identity theft and fraud. Its award-winning RFID blocking technology works by effectively jamming and scrambling any attempts at reading your cards' RFID or NFC signals, which ensures your payment cards and personal information are invisible to pesky identity thieves.

Easy and Convenient Security

No complicated setup process. Simply stick the Wallet Defender card inside your wallet to ensure incredible RFID security.

Fits Any Wallet or Passport Holder

Wallet Defender's ultra-thin design makes it the perfect companion for any of your wallets, purses or passport holders.

No Batteries or Charging Needed

It's the card that lasts forever! Wallet Defender is extremely energy efficient and does not need charging or additional batteries to operate.


Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮

★  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  ★

Reasons to love wallet defender

Military Grade Technology

Provides military level RFID scanning protection for your wallet and payment cards.

Stylish & Convenient

Looks great and is something you will want to proudly carry in any situation.

Easy to Use

Requires no technical setup or installation to use - Just place in your wallet and go!

Ultra-Thin and Durable

Features weatherproof coating and easily fits inside any credit card slot without causing damage.

Passport Protection

Protect more than just your credit cards! Keep your passport and identity safe while traveling.


A small investment that can keep your money protected and save you thousands.

Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮

★  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  ★

Using Wallet Defender Is Super Easy!

award-winning security wherever you go

Remove Packaging

Take your Wallet Defender Card out of the sleeve and remove protective wrapper

Insert Wallet Defender

Insert Wallet Defender into the outer credit card sleeve of your wallet

And Go!

Enjoy your day, knowing Wallet Defender's flawless technology has your back

Military-Grade Protection for Your:




Passport Holder

Badge Holder

Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮

★  30-Day Money-Back Gaurantee  ★

Over 120,000 Cards Sold!

wallet defender TESTIMONIALS


Jill B.

Ran into a credit card skimmer at gas station ⛽️ Good thing I was protected by Wallet Defender


Jackson L.

After buying it, I tested the product along with a chip contactless card at a store reader. It worked exactly as advertised. I put it in my wallet and no problems since. Worth the peace of mind.


Emily O.

Sturdy, but not bulky. Only a little thicker than my credit cards. Fits in wallet slot along with my credit card. Nice to have extra ones. A real great value.


Joshua N.

So I was skeptical at first, but I tested it against a few scanners and it seems to work. It couldn't detect my credit cards. I tried it with a single card and then I tried it with my whole wallet. Only message I got was "card not recognized".


Dylan P.

Does exactly what their website says it will do. Threw one of these in my pocket and my proximity badge stopped unlocking the doors from where it normally scans. Planning on buying several more.


Alan B.

It does what's intended and advertised. Why repeatedly buy ineffective alleged RFID-blocking wallets when you can simply slip this in with all your other cards and be protected? Personally, I have 2! 1 in my wallet and another in my passport case.


Janet H.

These cards are great for everyday use as well as traveling. I felt an extra level of security on my latest vacation - especially in the crowded airport.


Margaret K.

Anyone who doesn’t want their identity or credit information scammed while their cards are in there while it should have one. This includes your drivers license and any credit cards or debit cards you may have.


Tony R.

I have had a Wallet Defender on me since they hit the market. Bought a pack: one for my new wallet and some for gifts.

Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮

★  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  ★


Military Grade RFID-Blocking Technology

With technology becoming more advanced every day, so are digital hackers. Wallet Defender provides military level protection for you and your credit cards.

Digital pickpocketing and cyber crime are on the rise, and an RFID-blocking card like Wallet Defender is a must have for any credit card owner. Stop waiting for the worst to happen and protect you and your family today!


Identity Theft Is Expensive - Wallet Defender Isn't

Credit card theft can cost you thousands of dollars! Not to mention the headache of dealing with banks and online shops to get your money back.

The Wallet Defender card is a small investment that can spare you the heartbreak of losing your hard-earned savings and give you peace of mind knowing your money is safe.


No More Wrapping Your Cards in Tin Foil

Compared to inferior alternatives like aluminum foil, Wallet Defender looks great and is something you can proudly carry in any situation.

And you'll never have to worry about damaging your Wallet Defender card as it is made of high-grade PVC material that can withstand accidental spills, raindrops and more.

Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮

★  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  ★

Try Our Award Winning RFID-Blocking Technology for Yourself


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  • Advanced Security for Your RFID-Enabled Cards
  • No Batteries Required, Zero Tech Needed
  • Easily Fits Inside Any Wallet or Passport Holder
  • Stylish and Weatherproof Design
Get 30% OFF Wallet Defender ➮


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